Affiliate Members

Together, we are ready to serve MGA manufacturer members

Small manufacturers need a wide variety of support to accelerate their growth. The evolution of the manufacturing industry is at lightning speed. Manufacturers need trusted partners that have relevant services and tools to lead them into the next industry shift.


MGA forms alliances with businesses and organizations to share their expertise. The Affiliate Members support small manufacturers to build smart and lead strong. MGA's Affiliate Members:

  • are industry experts in their field;

  • offer impactful services to small manufacturers; and

  • have a commitment to enhance the growth of

       manufacturers in Michigan. 

Industry 4.0 Experts

Leadership Development

Technical Training

Industry Knowledge

The Edward Lowe Foundation is a world class provider of services to second stage companies – those firms that are past the start up stage and focused on growth. The Lowe Foundation is known for their leadership education, peer learning and strategic information programs. They are experts in economic gardening, PeerSpectives CEO round table, and other training initiatives. As an MGA member, you will have access to training, retreats, and the latest information that is propelling second stage firms.


The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is the only statewide and state-based association that focuses solely on the needs of small businesses. Their mission is the success of Michigan’s small businesses. As an MGA member, you will be part of SBAM’s group buying power for health insurance and other employee related benefits. You will be part of a 27,000-member organization when purchasing health care coverage and other products.


Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) since 1991 has helped Michigan’s small and mid-sized businesses compete and grow. Through five regional centers in the state, MMTC has personalized consulting services that enable manufacturers to operate smarter, compete, and prosper. Your membership in MGA gets you the latest on issues like operations, skills, advanced technology, cyber security, and research.


Midwest Strategy Group is consistently ranked among the top lobbying firms in Michigan. With its strong legislative ties and unique understanding of Michigan, they help clients navigate through the State’s multi-faceted structure of government. Collectively, Midwest Strategy Group has over 90 years of experience and has built effective relationships on both sides of the aisle. Your MGA membership puts you in the front seat of policy and politics in Lansing.


American Society of Employers (ASE) provides programs and services that enable organizations to address their most challenging Human Resources issues. ASE focuses on providing people management information and services – helping you grow your bottom line by growing the effectiveness of your people. Working with MGA means you get assistance with your most important asset: your people.

Automation Alley is a World Economic Forum Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) and a nonprofit Industry 4.0 knowledge center with a global outlook and a regional focus. They facilitate public-private partnerships by connecting industry, education and government to fuel Michigan's economy and accelerate innovation. Automation Alley's programs give manufacturers a competitive advantage by helping them along every step of their digital transformation journey. They obsess over disruptive technologies like AI, the Internet of Things and automation, and work hard to make these complex concepts easier for companies to understand and implement.


Kinexus Group has a Leadership Academy that provides customized human resources consulting, training, and education designed to improve your competitiveness. If you are looking for better employee engagement, changes to culture, and making your company a “best place to work,” Kinexus Group works to create better environments, updates processes, and helps reduce costly turnover. MGA works with this group to help improve member culture and employee relations.